Business Best PracticesFleet ManagementSafety How to Address Cannabis Impairment in Your Fleet

How to Address Cannabis Impairment in Your Fleet

A growing number of states — and the entire country of Canada — have legalized recreational marijuana use. The operational specifics and tax ramifications for these changes are still being debated and discussed, but there’s something more pressing for you to consider. How will cannabis impairment affect your fleet, your workplace, and your staff? Impaired…

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Business Best PracticesFleet Management How to Maintain Excellent Fleet Driver Retention

How to Maintain Excellent Fleet Driver Retention

If you ask any fleet manager, especially those in the long-haul industry, what the most challenging part of their job is, besides overall fleet management, odds are they’ll tell you it’s fleet driver recruitment and retention. For whatever reason, finding and keeping drivers has become increasingly difficult in recent years. Various industry insiders can offer…

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Business Best PracticesTechnology purchase fleet vehicles

What to Consider When You Purchase Fleet Vehicles Today

It’s one of the oldest choices there is when it comes time to purchase fleet vehicles. Do you opt for a gasoline or diesel? Moreover, now in the twenty-first century, there are hybrid and electrical vehicles to consider as well. The nature of your operations will largely dictate your choice. However, there are also more…

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GPS Fleet Tracking Port Kells: A Versatile Place to do Business

Port Kells Industries Grow with GPS Fleet Management Software

Surrey’s Port Kells is conveniently located next to three of Greater Vancouver’s major road arteries: The South Fraser Perimeter Road, Pacific Highway and the Trans-Canada Highway. Thanks to its accessibility, Port Kells’ industries have enjoyed growth over the last decade, and NERO Global Tracking has been there to assist many companies to get through the…

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Technology Autonomous-Driving-Vehicles

How New Vehicle Technology Will Shape Your Fleet of the Future

Innovation in vehicle technology will be the most apparent in commercial and public fleets–their scale means they’re incentivized to find efficiencies. From new fuel and battery technologies to autonomous driving vehicles, private enterprise and government fleets will lead the way in applying emerging technologies. In fact, many industry experts believe that many fleets operating ten…

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Business Best Practices Green Fleet Management: How Companies Are Going Eco-Friendly

Green Fleet Management: How Companies Are Going Eco-Friendly

One of the most notable trends in business today is the idea of making your operations and products more environmentally friendly. Whether based on your business’ own convictions or the desire of your target customers, going green can be an effective way to differentiate your business. And the fleet world is jumping onboard with the…

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One of the Final Attempts to Halt the ELD Mandate Has Been Withdrawn: The Countdown to Stay Compliant Is on

Just over 100 days are left before the ELD mandate will come into effect requiring all long-haul truck drivers operating in the USA to use an Electronic Logging Device (ELD) to record their Hours of Services (HOS). U.S Representative Brian Babin has withdrawn his amendment to a bill that was aimed at defunding the implementation…

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Business Best PracticesGPS Fleet Tracking GPS Fleet Tracking Services Are More Than Software

GPS Fleet Tracking Services Are More Than Software

GPS fleet tracking services are becoming a standard tool for many fleets, especially those used by small- and medium-sized service businesses, such as electricians, plumbers, and heating, ventilation, and air conditioner service firms. They’re sometimes called telemetrics, and are usually provided as software as a service. This means a third-party makes a software program available…

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GPS Fleet Tracking

Improving Truck Fleet Efficiency at the Great American Trucking Show

I’m a fleet management provider and recently traveled to Dallas for the first time to attend the Great American Trucking Show. I was excited to be at a show where truckers could test products, get health screenings and Department of Transportation physicals, and learn best practices from fellow owner-operators and the Texas Trucking Association. And of…

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Business Best Practices How a GPS-Based Fleet Management System Improves Customer Satisfaction

How a GPS Based Fleet Management System Improves Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is critical when measuring the success of your business. No matter how revolutionary your products are, or how vital the service you provide may be, if your customers aren’t left happy after an interaction with you, they won’t be back. There are many tactics you can employ to ensure you keep your customers…

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Business Best Practices

Make Your Distribution Business Compatible with the Modern Marketplace By Implementing GPS Fleet Tracking

Don’t make your business undesirable or even exempt from opportunities because your fleet isn’t equipped with modern GPS fleet tracking. A growing number of retailers are making GPS fleet tracking a prerequisite for their distribution partners. Providing live updates on vehicle locations is a significant advantage when coordinating deliveries that many companies are integrating into…

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New Website and Blog!

Hi there! Thanks for checking out our blog. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, we’ve updated our website and we’re looking forward to engaging with our customers and other hard working professionals in new ways. One way we hope to connect with you is by discussing the practical applications of GPS Fleet Tracking on our blog…

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