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“Nero’s passive equipment tracking system has helped us manage all our assets from one place, making it easy to find missing equipment or route technicians to respond to losses quicker. We have been very pleased with product and plan on continuing to utilize it.”

Zack Niemann, General Manager

Paul Davis Restoration, East Charlotte, NC

“The Nero trackers have been so great! It’s helping us keeping track of when our technicians are checking in on jobs that are drying. There’s no longer question on when the last person was at the job site. The customer service is also amazing! They are so willing to address your problems or concerns as fast as possible! “

Alexis Davenport, Equipment Handler

PuroClean, Lafayette, IN

Not only being able to locate where all your vehicles are, but if you got a loss you need to respond to, you don’t need to call the individuals and say, “Hey, how much equipment do you have on your truck?” You’ll be able to pull it up right away and dispatch accordingly!.”

Chris Kushmaul, Owner

Restoration 1, Western Wayne County, MI

“They provide GPS/Bluetooth tracking of my trucks and my equipment. It’s exactly what I need. It’s relieved a TON of stress from my management team with having to track equipment.”

Alexander Ho, Owner

Puro Clean Restoration Service, West Bloomfield/Commerce & Plymouth/Ann Arbor, MI

We are using them for both vehicle GPS tracking and equipment tracking.  All the components necessary for these systems are operating as advertised.  The EQ tracking specifically has already saved us from losing several pieces of equipment.  I would highly recommend Nero and their team for any of your vehicle GPS and/or EQ tracking needs.”

Brian Ruster, Vice President and General Manager

Paul Davis Restoration, Boston South & Rhode Island, MA

“It mainly helps us not to lose dehumidifiers and air movers….I was surprised by how much equipment we’ve been misplacing before I found these guys (Nero Global Tracking).”

Doron Waldman, Owner

911 Restoration, Orange County, CA

“Nero Global is a key tool in the daily operations for DKI Precision, from tracking thousands of pieces of our equipment all over the province, to monitoring and tracking our employees driving behavior. I would recommend Nero to other restoration companies looking to protect their assets, improve customer service and cut operation costs.”

John Buchanan, Compliance Manager

at Precision DKI, Delta, BC

Nero Global Tracking solves a major operational problem for our restoration business – missing and lost equipment and assets that could lead to thousands of dollars of loss every year. Their integrated Fleet and Asset tracking solution automatically tracks the whereabouts of our assets simply by having our drivers and vehicles near the job site. No manual logging whatsoever.

Aaron Provencal, Owner, CEO and President

Five Star Restoration & Construction Inc., CA

“Vecima’s solution includes data intelligence and robust reporting needed to improve the City’s efficiencies and asset utilization, and their excellent customer support assists the City’s strategic and transformational initiatives to stay on schedule and on budget.”

Goran Saric, Director of Roadways

Fleet and Support, City of Saskatoon, SK

I was in the market for a tracking system for my equipment and trucks. Business was picking up and it was proving difficult to manage which equipment was on each job. Nero Global was referred to me by a fellow R1 Owner. I signed up for a demo and was impressed with all of the capabilities the program has to offer. Once the system is set up, it is hassle free and tracks your equipment and vehicles, saving you money in the long run. I am very pleased with the accuracy and speed of the program.”

Ryan Klis

Restoration 1, Suffolk County, NY

“With Nero Global Tracking by Vecima, we feel they have the right technology today and understand our needs for a long-term partnership as our requirements evolve in the future.”

Ed Robertson, Assistant Director

Public Works for the City of Victoria

“Since having Nero Global GPS tracking installed, everyone is held more accountable for their time throughout the working day. The tracking system has allowed our office administration to easily reconcile time day to day, and cross-reference it to the work orders, time cards, and invoices. The daily email notifications provide a clear and concise summary, making it effortless. We’ve seen an overall increase in billable time.”

Shane K, Branch Manager

at an Industry Leader in Door Opening Solutions

“Nero Global GPS System has been a huge benefit for our company. We are able to provide much more accurate arrival times to our customer providing better communication with our staff, efficient scheduling for our fleet and More accurate billing for our customers and back up when required. The list goes on but most importantly, I wish I had done this sooner.”

Dave Arts, Owner,

Garage Door Sales & Maintenance Company

“Nero Global helps me track our cars and people much better and in the last few years has helped with at least three instances where ICBC claims were made against us (somebody had claimed we hit their house in an alley in Vancouver – we weren’t there; another person said we knocked down their awning, also on a day we were not in the area; and another claim of our driver hitting their car when he was on vacation, and not in the province at the time) and we had the data to back up our drivers and protect them. It is nice being able to let a customers know when their delivery is arriving and be accurate, and overall, just provide great service.”

Simon D, Logistics Manager

at Local Dairy Supplier

“The recent installation of GPS to our fleet has increased our efficiency in dispatching by knowing up to the minute the exact location of all vehicles.  More efficient dispatching naturally has lead to improved customer response time and lower fuel costs.”

Colleen S, Office Manager

at an Emergency Response & Restoration Company

“Many of our customers love the fact that we provide “at-the-moment” updates to where the driver really is at and how long until he delivers. I find it a tremendous help in the office, tracking down drivers and following up with the most efficient dispatching. I believe Nero Global is a great investment at an affordable cost of business, and would recommend it to anyone.”

Ken A, Dispatcher at a Freight

Warehousing & Container Services Provider

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