Get Your Telematics System Working Harder and Smarter

Get a system that can track your vehicles and extend it to manage your movable assets

You already know the value of seeing when your team goes to job sites, why not leverage the system to do more?

What if your high-value assets could help you track your low-value assets?

You may have one in your fleet right now tracking your high-value assets, like your vehicles. You can see your truck location and know when it’s at a job site.

It’s a great system but maybe a bit too costly to put a GPS device on your lower value assets. You know, the equipment that moves from site to site that you can’t do the job without. The same equipment that gets moved around on those vehicles that have a GPS device on it.

That’s what we thought too.

How does it work?

Your trucks go to job sites all over town, picking up and dropping off equipment multiple times a day. Now you can get the truck to take inventory of your tagged assets at the job site for you automatically.

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    Add Nero Global GPS telematics device to your vehicles.

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    Add Bluetooth Low Energy collector in your vehicles (turning your vehicle into a reader).

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    Stick Bluetooth Low Energy tag on your movable assets.

The tags emit a low-frequency signal that can be read by your vehicle. Each time your vehicle drives to a job site, it will take a snapshot of the tags in the area, and allows your Nero Global system to keep tabs of your equipment both on and off-site.


With Nero Global Tracking Portal and App, you stay connected to your fleet and your operations wherever you go.

Benefits of Telematics-based Asset Tracking

Improve Accuracy

Your vehicles will automatically take a snapshot of your tagged assets when they are within distance. No need for manual scanning that can be time-consuming and error-prone. These snapshots are also date stamped, so you can tell how long ago you last saw these assets.

Reduce Admin Costs

Let your onsite staff focus on their other tasks instead of manually counting or scanning assets. Let your office staff run a report online instead of going through papers brought back to the office. Improve your operations and streamline your processes.

Telematics in Action

One of our valued customers supplies air movers to properties that have been flooded. As you can imagine, they have many of these units, and keeping control over their whereabouts is vital.

Require Additional Assets for Longer Periods

Prior to the implementation of our telematics systems, the management of the individual fans was paper-based. A staff member would visit the site for inspection on a regular basis, and additional fans were recorded, via paper, and brought back to their head office for manual processing.

This leaves plenty of room for human error while also consuming unnecessary time.

Turn the telematics GPS beacon in your truck into a reader with a Bluetooth Low Energy collector. As the vehicles move within range of each asset (such as a fan or dehumidifier), it will read and record the assets’ whereabouts.

The Benefits

  • No manual requirement of the staff member
  • No need to report back to head office for the second round of recording
  • No human error

Talk to Us About the Right System for You

If you currently have a manual, paper-based process, or your fleet and assets are growing, an asset management system is essential to ensure the most efficient and cost-effective supervision solution.

Contact Nero Global today to discuss the best set-up for your business, with room to grow and innovate. Assets should be precisely that. They are investments that should be working for you, and Nero Global can help ensure this is the case.