What Is Your Equipment ROI When It Sits Idle at a Customer Site?

Increase equipment ROI by having better visibility of their location and utilization. Know when an asset has been dropped at a job site, how many days since it’s been dropped, and is it still generating revenue for you.

Nero Global Asset Tracking System

In the case of an emergency project, like significant post-flood restorations, it’s common for thousands of small movable assets to be deployed across multiple job sites. With insurance-capped pricing, it’s critical that restoration companies keep close tabs on the equipment to enable quick retrieval and redeployment to make a profit.

This is just one of the examples of how Nero Global Asset Tracking can help increase your equipment ROI.

How Do Asset Tracking Systems Return Value On Your Investment?

Your equipment is likely costly and maximizing the equipment ROI is always a smart business move. Nero Global Asset Tracking is your best form of equipment utilization:

Right size your inventory

Put all assets to work instead of sitting idle

Identify high demand equipment

These returns exist for organizations of any size; however, larger scale operations, in particular, will see huge returns via the time savings, reduced human error, and risk of non-compliance.

Reduction in Admin Costs

Human error is often unavoidable, but specific measures can significantly reduce its impact on your operations. The highest cost when managing resources are usually staffing on time spent entering assets into the system. Add to this the fact that automated entry gives an accuracy rate of 99.959 to 99.99 percent*; it’s becoming harder to make a case for manual input.

Nero Global Asset Tracking allows your staff time to be dedicated to other tasks, maximizing your investment in people as well. Don’t spend additional staffing hours on tasks that can be easily automated with more accurate results.

*US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health

Learn How Our Solution Addresses One Customer’s Real World Problems

“I was in the market for a tracking system for my equipment and trucks. Business was picking up and it was providing difficult to manage which equipment was on each job. Nero Global was referred to me by a fellow R1 Owner. I signed up for a demo and was impressed with all of the capabilities the program has to offer. Once the system is set up, it is hassle free and tracks your equipment and vehicles, saving you money in the long run. I am very pleased with the accuracy and speed of the program.”

-Ryan Klis, Restoration 1, Suffolk County

The Cost of Inaccurate Management

A product of inaccurate asset management is ghost assets which are recorded assets that can’t actually be accounted for due to loss, theft or depreciation.

Ghost assets are extremely common with 70 percent of organizations claiming a 30 percent discrepancy between reported fixed inventory. This leads to overpaid taxes and insurance and a substantial effect on efficiency and operations.

Asset ownership is a considerable and complex task, especially when you consider the different life cycles and types of inventory. It is quite easy to accidentally duplicate assets, wasting funds on “replacing” assets already acquired all because of an inefficient reporting system.

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The ROI of Reducing Inaccuracies

The ROI of reducing inaccuracies Nero Global Asset Tracking can ensure that you are maximizing your equipment ROI. Save on cost including maintenance, compliance and audit, duplication, human inputting errors, and depreciation all while freeing up your staff for more urgent tasks.

Speak to Nero Global about how to implement an asset management process that will help put your business to grow and prosper today.