GPS Fleet Management

At Nero Global, we start all our relationships by getting to know our clients, their business, and their goals. We work with our clients to develop fleet management solutions that are uniquely aligned to meet their needs and objectives.

Why Nero Global?

Generally speaking, as a fleet-operating business, we know your key priorities are productivity, safety and security, customer service, and reduced operating costs.

With Nero Global, your business will benefit from our years of exceptional experience helping our clients manage their fleets:

Our GPS Fleet Management Solutions Can Help You:

Improve Productivity

  • Better plan and organize routes for improved efficiency
  • Take corrective action on unassigned stops, detours, or off-hours use
  • Keep track of driver stop times to see how long it takes them to perform a service
  • Benchmark stop times to identify ways to improve overall fleet productivity
  • Improve work day efficiency to reduce the need for overtime hours

Reduce Costs

  • Receive reports and alerts on vehicle idling to minimize fuel costs
  • Minimize vehicle speed and lower fuel consumption through real-time notifications
  • Optimize routing to determine the precise location of every vehicle
  • Track fuel spend anomalies when using the fuel card
  • Stay notified about vehicle maintenance needs to ensure vehicles operate efficiently

Increase Fleet Security & Safety

  • Manage driver behaviour and reduce unsafe driving habits before they lead to serious issues
  • Improve driving habits through immediate in-cab audible alerts based on driving behaviour
  • Enjoy proactive notification of potential theft or vehicle tampering
  • Recover a stolen vehicle quickly by locating in real-time
  • Reduce the risk of accidents by managing fleet speeding events
  • Respond immediately to emergencies by knowing the location of drivers

Improve the Customer Experience

  • Respond to customer needs faster by instantly finding and dispatching the closest vehicle to the customer’s location
  • Provide customers with more accurate arrival times
  • Settle any disputes with time-on-site and proof of service reports

See How Our GPS Fleet Management Solutions Will Work For You