Our Fleet Management Company

Nero Global Tracking offers complete GPS fleet management services that helps business owners and operators increase visibility into their systems, streamline operations, and increase revenue. We offer a complete solution package of real-time GPS vehicle tracking devices and fleet manager tracker systems throughout British Columbia and across Canada and the US. Nero Global Tracking is part of the Vecima Networks Inc. Telematics Division. Learn more at Vecima.com

Since 2003, Nero Global has helped customers manage their vehicles and people more efficiently.

With Nero Global Fleet Management Services, you can:

Get Results Immediately

As a partner in excellence, we work with you and your employees to ensure a successful implementation of our GPS fleet management services so you can start seeing results quickly.

Streamline Fleet Management

Track the status of your vehicles at anytime, including reviewing driver logs, re-routing field personnel as necessary, and ensuring that drivers are taking the best routes in-between jobs.

Stay Informed 24/7

Stay informed in the event of any critical events, including speed violations, panic button activations, and maintenance notifications.

Generate Reports as Needed

Our GPS fleet management services allow you to access historical data about your fleet with ease.  Reports can be scheduled for automatic delivery and export data can be used in programs of your choice .

See How Our Services Will Work For You