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Work Smarter, Not Harder, with a Proven Fleet and Equipment Tracking Solution

911 Restoration members share how they did benefit with Nero.

“It mainly helps us not to lose dehumidifiers and air movers….I was surprised by how much equipment we’ve been misplacing before I found these guys (Nero Global Tracking).”


Doron Waldman, Owner, 911 Restoration, Orange County, CA

Get a jump on delivering “Fresh Starts” to your customers.


Have you invested in an asset tracking system only to find the data out of date because someone missed scanning a piece of equipment?

Nero Global GPS asset tracking system uses your vehicle GPS telematics beacon to track your assets.

Don’t waste time looking for your equipment. The data permanently updated your equipment and fleet location, will enable you to make easier decisions and react faster to attend your customers needs.

Track your fleet and assets and bring these benefits to your business:

  • Ease your inventory management dramatically with an automatic equipment tracking solution
  • Focus your staff on restoration activities instead of counting equipment
  • Increase your equipment ROI
  • Boost your operational efficiency by tracking vehicles and equipment in one place
  • Improve driving communication and safety

Eliminate the Error and Hassle of Manual Scanning

The restoration business has a lot of moving parts. It can be tricky to manage and keep track of all of them.

Our system uses your big assets (vehicles) to track your smaller assets (movable equipment). Nero will automatically track when equipment is loaded onto or off of a vehicle – no more need for manual scanning!

Asset tracking provides centralized management and offers businesses location and reporting information for all assets in real-time. It removes the manual labor element of asset management, creating efficiency and saving your time.


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