No Scanning? No Problem.

Passive asset tracking frees up your workforce

Collect inventory data without requiring your staff to scan each piece of equipment

Vehicle-based telematics system
Your inventory data stays up to date without any work

The Challenge

Business owners and managers spend a lot of time and effort on the scanning of individual assets. This leads to:

  • Inconsistencies in inventory
  • Manual processes leading to errors
  • Duplicate purchases

A passive asset tracking system is an affordable and efficient solution for asset identification.

How A Passive Asset Tracking System Works

Turn your vehicles into scanners as they transport the inventory of your tagged assets to the job site for you automatically.

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    Add Nero Global GPS telematics device to your vehicles.

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    Add Bluetooth Low Energy collector in your vehicles (turning your vehicle into a reader).

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    Stick Bluetooth Low Energy tag on your movable assets.

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    The tags emit a low-frequency signal that can be read by your vehicle.

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    Each time your vehicle drives to a job site it will take a snapshot of the tags in the area.

Your GPS-tagged vehicle is now tracking your movable assets through a central dashboard:

Equipment Name

Tag ID

Last Known Location

Time at Location

Time Since Last Communication

Key Benefits


Save time by scanning multiple tags at once


Significantly reduces inventory processing time

Mobile Apps

Increases productivity thanks to real-time reporting


Rapidly retrieve and redeploy assets

Posted Speed

Improve your asset ROI

Why Passive Asset Tracking Makes Management Easier

Knowing the location of your assets when they were last seen and how long they’ve been there is invaluable, and often hard to keep control of with manual recording.

Passive asset tracking updates your records whenever the vehicle visits the job site. Once in range, the vehicle will automatically read the tags.

How Would This Help Me

Over an eleven-day job, you may potentially manually record your asset whereabouts on days one and ten. This doesn’t offer a clear picture for the status of your assets for the days in between.

Your workers and vehicles, however, may be visiting the site every day. As soon as they are in range, the passive asset tracking automatically updates your management records, so you have the most current information without needing to lift a finger.

Take Advantage of Passive Asset Tracking

Passive asset tracking can be integrated with any management database to avoid double entry of information as well as the many benefits listed above. Talk to Nero Global about the right system for your needs and start taking advantage of this technology today.

The time and money you could be saving are significant so let us construct a passive asset tracking system for your business today.