We would like to celebrate the hard work and dedication our Fulfillment Coordinator, Samantha Fung. During the last 4 months, she has been the glue in our operations and an essential piece in our customer service.

Meet Sam!

Portrait of Samantha Fung, Fulfillment Coordinator

Samantha Fung, Fulfillment Coordinator

What is your role at our company?
My role is mainly to coordinate and process customer orders. I communicate with customers and service providers daily for appointment scheduling, and I also arrange all shipping.


What motivates you to wake up and go to work?
I’ve worked in a logistics role for over 20 years, and I still enjoy doing my job. I think this motivates me to wake up and go to work every day, because I simply love what I’m doing

How have you balanced your career at Nero Global and family in this time?
I like to set priorities, plan and do things in advance if possible. This will give me better plan on the time between my work and my family. At home, meal time is when we sit down together as a family for dinner and take turns sharing the day’s events.


What do you find the most challenging thing during this time?
The most challenging thing during the COVID-19 time would be to ensure our installer stays safe when he works onsite in different environments. Also, since I need to meet with different people for the shipment pickups and deliveries, as well as to receive packages from all other places, I have to keep washing my hands constantly and practice social distancing to ensure everyone stays safe.


What you love the most about working Nero?
I appreciate the work environment here. Managers try to make personal connections with the employees, and I was given constructive criticism without making me feel I have failed or are being negatively judged. This helped me learn from the mistake and to avoid repeating it in the future. And also my co-workers are supportive and friendly. I think this is what I love the most in Nero.


What advice would you give to colleagues and customers to keep the good vibe everyday at work?
The motivational advice I would like to share is:

The Best Project You’ll Ever Work on Is You.

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