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Looking to Boost Efficiency on your Restoration Business?

As your restoration and contractor business grows, you’ll encounter new challenges. A good asset tracking solution will enable you to scale easily, provide better visibility to your operations, and run your daily activities more efficiently. Learn how Nero Global Tracking, DKI Pro Supply Telematics Partner, can positively impact your business to:

  • Boost your operations with automatic equipment tracking – no scanning required
  • Get faster ROI on your equipment – work smarter, not harder
  • Improve equipment deployment at jobsites

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Hear directly from our panelists on how Nero has helped their restoration businesses in this on-demand webinar


“Not having to rely on someone to scan a barcode or input something into a computer just alleviates any questions of whether it was done properly.”


“The challenge is making sure you have all that equipment going from job to job, cause you’re doing far more jobs than you were before.”

Aaron Provencal, Five Star Restoration

Chris Kushmaul, Restoration 1

Aaron Provencal, Five Star Restoration, DKI member and Chris Kushmaul, Restoration 1 joined Andrew Willis, VP Sales, Nero Global Tracking, in a candid conversation with personal insights on how our asset tracking solution has helped them grow their business.

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