It’s rain and flood season. You’re busy and need to make decisions fast. Let us help by automating your asset tracking.

We’ve already helped other Restoration 1 Franchises across North America! Hear what one of your peers has to say about Nero Global:

Not only being able to locate where all your vehicles are, but if you got a loss you need to respond to, you don’t need to call the individuals and say, “Hey, how much equipment do you have on your truck?” You’ll be able to pull it up right away and dispatch accordingly!

Chris Kushmaul, Owner, Restoration 1, Western Wayne County

When emergency projects happen, like big post-flood restorations, it’s common for thousands of small movable assets to be deployed across multiple job sites. With insurance-capped pricing, it’s critical for Restoration 1 companies to keep close tabs on the equipment to enable quick retrieval and redeployment in order to make a profit.

Nero Global leverages your GPS vehicle tracking to automatically track your tagged equipment.

      • Know where your equipment is
      • Know how long it’s been there
      • Know who’s closest to retrieve
Work smarter rather than harder!

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