911 Restoration: How Nero Global’s Bluetooth Asset Tracking Software Helped Us Save Big

911 Restoration Helps Clients When They Need It Most

The 911 Restoration team is there for clients across North America when disaster strikes. They provide cleanup, removal, and restoration services for properties damaged by fire, flood, frozen pipes, sewer backups, mold, and other disasters.


Over 90 franchises across the US and Canada


More than 800 vehicles


Thousands of pieces of restoration and removal equipment


A guaranteed 45-minute response time, 24-7

The 911 Restoration Vancouver team was committed to serving its customers in times of crisis. But as the business grew and expanded, owner Raz De Picciotto started experiencing a crisis of his own. As he acquired more vehicles and equipment to serve his clients, he struggled to keep track of where all his assets, equipment and tools, were. Lost assets not only meant he couldn’t offer the prompt service Vancouver residents had come to expect from 911 Restoration — lost assets also cost his company a lot in replacement fees. He needed an asset tracking solution.

The Problem: Tracking Assets Without Success

Asset and equipment tracking is an important part of the restoration industry. Individual pieces of equipment and tools can range in price from a few hundred to several thousand dollars.

911 Restoration Vancouver tried several asset tracking strategies before seeking out Nero Global’s solution.

The Cost of Doing Business

  • Just accepting that some loss will occur
  • Equipment loss is expensive and can affect the ability to respond quickly

Manual Paper-Based Equipment Tracking

  • Writing down where each piece is deployed
  • Manual entry is often inaccurate
  • This solution is not scalable if the business grows

Barcode Scanning System

  • Scanning a barcode on each piece of equipment and tool as it’s deployed
  • Very labour intensive
  • The system fails if equipment and tools aren’t scanned regularly

Nero Global Asset Tracking Software

  • Leverage vehicle GPS to show when equipment is loaded or unloaded
  • Equipment is color coded to quickly see how long it has been on site
  • No scanning needed

Searching for an Asset Management System That Worked

In addition to tracking of his ever-increasing arsenal of restoration equipment, Raz knew that as his business grew, he couldn’t necessarily personally oversee everything his staff did either. He decided to look for a tool tracker that would serve multiple purposes:


Track equipment and tools at job sites and how long each piece had been where


Track vehicle travel and location to establish where his staff was during work hours


Track driver behaviour on his vehicles to lower insurance and keep maintenance costs down

He reached out to the 911 Restoration corporate offices — and they recommended Nero Global.

The Asset Tracking Solution: Nero Global Tracking

Raz got in touch with Nero Global because the 911 Restoration corporate team recommended them. But how did the corporate team select Nero Global?

The team at Nero Global doesn’t view the companies they work with as clients; they view them as partners — and they want their partners to succeed.

  • Nero Global has dedicated time to understanding the specific needs of the restoration/recovery industry to deliver a solution that works
  • The monthly cost of Nero Global’s bluetooth asset tracking solution is low enough that, even if Raz only lost one piece of equipment a year, it would still be worthwhile
  • Nero Global’s asset tracking software requires no human input once implemented — meaning 911 Restoration staff are able to focus on their work rather than administrative tasks.

Nero Global’s
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Speed notifications

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Nero Global’s
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See your assets on a map on a PC or mobile device

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