5 Facts:

What makes Nero Global Tracking the Asset Management partner for your Restoration Business?

1. We help you avoid unnecessary manual work

You and your employees can focus on your restoration tasks.

  • No more manual scanning or counts of equipment.
  • No more double-checking your warehouse.

Your vehicles will help you automatically scan every job site as they arrive to give you a complete picture. Your warehouse inventory will be permanently under control.

With Nero Global Tracking Portal and App, stay connected to your fleet and your operations when you’re on the go.

2. You always have the key info for planning.

See at a glance where your equipment was dropped off and how long it’s been there. No more presumptions and be sure; with accurate information you’ll be able to efficiently plan the next step of your operations!


3. You will answer the call wherever you are

Access our portal from your mobile or your desktop and have total visibility of your fleet and assets. If you receive a last-minute call from a customer, you can count on the right information and give the fastest response.


4. You will work your equipment smarter and harder

As you business grows, it becomes challenging to efficiently manage all your equipment. No more equipment sitting idle in your ware house or with overtime in any job site. Get the best ROI of your equipment.

Our easy asset management tool will help you identify the time-at-location of every piece of equipment, so you know as soon as it is ready to be retrieved and redeployed.


5. We scale with you

Adding vans, equipment or people? Our solution will easily customize to every need of your business and the scalability of our system will facilitate  your business expansion.


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