Why We Recommend Nero Global


Since 1974, SecuriGuard has been Western Canada’s largest security operator operating in both British Columbia and Alberta.

A big part of the business is mobility and tracking and the Nero Global portal screen sits front and centre in the command centre.

Our operators have it sitting beside them – every car is visible at any given time. The most critical step is when that call comes in: the operator is able to plot where the alarm request is using Nero and ensure that it’s a real location, and from that, can dispatch to a car pretty seamlessly.

Key Statistics


+ vehicles in our fleet


Canadian provinces covered


second reduced dispatch time


hours per week of reduced idling time


days between accidents prior to implementing Nero


days between accidents AFTER implementing Nero


in Employee Morale

Through support, training, and a highly efficient system, SecuriGuard reduced frustration and increased morale amongst our drivers and has dramatically increased our employee retention.

Before Nero Global, our drivers were going to a spot on the map that they were given over a radio, and if someone plotted it wrong or wrote it down, invariably they get to the wrong place and they get frustrated.

Or, without Nero Global, they’re driving and they think know where they are going and they are trying to look on a map and figure it out on the fly. With Nero Global, they don’t have to think about it – the car says turn left, take the next right, and they end up in the right place at the right time, and so driver frustration goes down and driving safety habits improve overall.

Key Features and Services


Rolled out effectively to over 200 people in multiple geographic markets.

Ops and Field Support

Managed services for both operations in C3 to the guards on the ground.

Reduced Idling

Benchmarked idling, auto-notifications via email when cars were idling for a specific period of time.

In Summary

We at SecuriGuard truly recommend Nero Global to any company that is looking for two major reasons:

1. Nero Global, the system, in terms of what that will do for you and how that will speed up service and it will speed up delivery of the product, how it will solve problems for employees and how you will be able to see everything live. The system just works the way it should.

2. The second part though is really the organization and that’s all of the people that stand behind Nero Global, We have been so impressed, right from day one, with the customer service that we received from them, and it’s really exceeded our expectations on what that might have been: whether it’s troubleshooting issues, whether it’s implementation plans, Nero Global is right there for us. It’s one of the best customer service experiences that we’ve ever had as a company.

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