Overwhelmed living the “new normal”?

 As businesses reopen, how do you transition between working at home, at the office, and everything between?

We understand COVID-19 has mixed up our work-home activities and pushed us all to rethink our daily routine.

Aside from all the new surprising challenges, you still have to think about your business.

  • Where are your vehicles, your staff, and your equipment?
  • What tools that can help you stay connected and productive while working remotely?
  • How long have your dehumidifiers and air movers been on site?

Nero Global Tracking offers a web-based GPS fleet and asset tracking solution that can help you navigate the new normal.

From the convenience of your home…

  • See all your equipment and vehicles in one map, at home or on the go.
  • Optimize your fleet even while working remotely.
  • Avoid unnecessary staff travel while maintaining accountability.
  • Know the whereabouts of your job-critical site equipment so that you can plan their retrieval and redeployment.
  • Easy monitoring and administration from your desktop and mobile applications

How our solution works for you?

Keep total visibility of your business.

Nero’s asset tracking solution will help you to make optimized decisions with accurate and real-time data.


With Nero Global Tracking Portal and App, you stay connected to your fleet and your operations wherever you go.

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