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GPS Fleet Tracking Systems are better than ever; with technology to not only track and monitor your fleet, but also provide critical information to get the most out of your employees and vehicles. And with NERO Global’s plug and play technology, setup is a breeze and you can start experiencing the benefits of your system today!

NERO Global customers enjoy ‘Service Beyond Expectations’ and we invite you to experience for yourself, our commitment to excellence.

Some Key Features to Help Manage Your Fleet Better

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Manage and secure your fleet while on-the-go with your smartphone.
Driver Behaviour Modification

Driver Behaviour Modification

Receive in-cab alerts and web-based performance reports on harsh acceleration, braking, cornering in addition to potential accident notifications.
Driver ID

Driver ID

Enable service technicians to identify themselves at the beginning of each trip by tapping their unique key fob to an in-vehicle reader.
Posted Speed

Posted Speed Alerts

Stay notified when vehicles exceed actual road posted speed limits.

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Increased Productivity is in Your Grasp with GPS FLeet Tracking

Businesses using GPS fleet tracking management can increase their service calls by 23% per day, per employee.

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  • Optimize routes to get in more service calls per shift
  • Make simple changes to reduce fuel costs by up to 25 percent
  • Give dispatchers complete control to provide exceptional customer service
  • Have 24/7/365 visibility of your fleet in case of theft or service log disputes

GPS fleet tracking management is more than just showing where your vehicles are at any given time – it’s the power to make effective decisions for positive change.

NERO Global Gives You Fleet Tracking GPS Systems With Amazing Service

Fleet tracking GPS systems empowered by a company wide philosophy of service beyond expectations. Remember that you need more than just a product, you need a partner who will be with you all the way.

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