Track All Your Assets in One Place

From vehicles to vans, dehumidifiers to air movers, Nero Global Tracking helps keep an eye on all your assets. Know where your inventory is at all times.

What’s Different?

It’s common practice to track big-ticket assets, like vehicles and vans. But what about your smaller assets that are essential to competing a job? Are your dehumidifiers on a job site, at a warehouse, or in transit on a truck?

Have you tried other tracking solutions that required your staff to scan the equipment? Did you find that you rolled out the system, only to find the data out of date because someone missed scanning a piece of equipment in the last room?

What if you could track your movable assets with no additional effort from your staff?

Let them focus on their job and let us focus on tracking your equipment.

Skip the Extra Step

Keep tabs on your movable assets through a simple beacon tagging system. Before deployment, low-energy Bluetooth tags will be placed on your movable assets. These small tags emit a low-frequency signal that allows your Nero Global GPS asset tracking system to keep tabs of your equipment, both on- and off-site.

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