Replacing our older fleet-only tracking system with the Nero Global Tracking all-in-one integrated Fleet and Asset tracking combination was a ROI-slam dunk. Now I know exactly where my equipment is so that makes me sleep better knowing exactly what equipment is out there and what is being missed.

Aaron ProvencalGeneral Manager at Five Star Restoration

Not only being able to locate where all your vehicles are, but if you got a loss you need to respond to, you don’t need to call the individuals and say, “Hey, how much equipment do you have on your truck?” You’ll be able to pull it up right away and dispatch accordingly!

Chris KushmaulBusiness Owner at Restoration 1

“Since having Nero Global GPS tracking installed, everyone is held more accountable for their time throughout the working day. The tracking system has allowed our office administration to easily reconcile time day to day, and cross-reference it to the work orders, time cards, and invoices. The daily email notifications provide a clear and concise summary, making it effortless. We’ve seen an overall increase in billable time.”

Shane KBranch Manager at an Industry Leader in Door Opening Solutions

“Many of our customers love the fact that we provide “at-the-moment” updates to where the driver really is at and how long until he delivers. I find it a tremendous help in the office, tracking down drivers and following up with the most efficient dispatching. I believe Nero Global is a great investment at an affordable cost of business, and would recommend it to anyone.”

Ken ADispatcher at a Freight, Warehousing & Container Services Provider

“The recent installation of GPS to our fleet has increased our efficiency in dispatching by knowing up to the minute the exact location of all vehicles.  More efficient dispatching naturally has lead to improved customer response time and lower fuel costs.”

Colleen SOffice Manager at an Emergency Response & Restoration Company

“We looked at a lot of products and honestly, this is the one that makes the most sense for us in terms of how it works, and the results it gets – they’re incredible. I would recommend Nero to any company.”

Nigel BullersVP Operations, Securiguard