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With free devices, free installation, and one free month, Nero Global Tracking pays for itself in as little as 3 months!


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Take Control of Your Fuel and Maintenance Costs with GPS Fleet Tracking

Uncover the Hidden Costs Dragging Your Fleet Down

Small changes to fleet management can save you thousands of dollars every month

Fuel and maintenance hassles are a headache but GPS for fleet management puts the power back in your hands by helping you to:

  • Reduce fuel and maintenance costs
  • Plan more efficient routes and avoid traffic delays
  • Ensure your drivers are upholding your standards

Improving driver behavior is the first steps towards optimizing your fleet’s performance.

Save Your Fleet Money!

Save on fuel costs, maintenance costs and driver time! With free devices and installation you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Reduce Accidents

Nero Global technology has been proved to cut down on accidents by up to 90%! Your decision to invest in Nero Global technology could actually save lives!
Mobile Apps

Fast, Easy and Convenient

Fast, Easy and Convenient. Nero Global Fleet tracking can be managed on the go, right from your smart phone or tablet! Real time tracking is the future of fleet management!

Posted Speed

It pays for itself in 3 months!

Who doesn’t want more ROI out of their vehicles? Nero Global speed controls and professional mapping tools actually can extend the life of your fleet vehicles!

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