Be Ready for Any Emergency

Proven Fleet and Equipment Tracking Solutions for EMS

When Every Moment Counts

Optimize your EMS fleet and equipment operations with Nero Global Tracking’s proven solution.

  • Get live vehicle tracking, including visual status of sirens and lights turned on.
  • Stay in compliance with our detailed maintenance module.
  • Track your defibrillators, stretchers, and other movable assets so your paramedics are ready for the next call.

Benefits of a Fleet and Equipment Tracking Solution

Keep Constantly Aware

Monitor ambulances in real-time

Know the status of lights/sirens

Check vehicle/aux battery levels

Stay in Compliance

Easily report on KPIs

Manage preventive maintenance cycles

Keep an eye on vehicle/equipment health

Streamline Operations

Track equipment

Automate key reports

Receive text and email alerts

How it Works

Let your vehicles track your critical equipment, avoid manual scanning.

Know your vehicles are ready to go.

Where you need them, when you need them.

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