Nero Global Tracking is now offering an Electronic Logging Device (ELD) solution certified by the FMCSA for all of our customers in the long haul trucking business

Nero Global Tracking provides ELD and GPS telematics solutions that help owners, operators, and drivers comply with the FMCSA ELD mandate, streamline operations, and increase revenue. Nero offers fleet management solutions for heavy duty and light duty vehicles, and is designed for reliable, long term deployments in trucks, trailers, and other assets.

Can I use this system beyond ELD?

Yes. Nero offers a complete GPS fleet management solution that goes beyond the basics to give you accurate, measurable, and timely insight into your business.

  • Improve productivity: Plan and organize your routes more efficiently with Nero’s live map and detailed trip, stop, and off-hours usage reports
  • Reduce costs: Minimize fuel use with Nero’s idle and driver behavior reports and alerts
  • Improve fleet health: Schedule and manage vehicle maintenance for your entire fleet in one place
  • Improve fleet safety: Identify and coach unsafe drivers with Nero’s speeding and driver behavior reports and alerts
  • Improve customer experience: Respond to your customers with Nero’s real-time GPS location

Can I use my own device for ELD or can Nero provide the in-cab hardware?

Nero understands that every business is unique, and we support the business model that works best for you. Want to use your own devices? Nero supports BYOD. Want to remove the pain of sourcing a tablet, a rugged mount, a power source? Nero can support this too.

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