Cost-Effective Bluetooth Tracking for Movable Assets

Are you a Restoration Company?
Stop Wasting Time and Money on Lost Inventory and Equipment

Nero Global’s simple beacon tracking with GPS lets you keep tabs on your movable equipment and inventory no matter where it is.
No more need to send someone around the job site to scan for equipment. No more hide and seek. No more lost or missing inventory. Get more work done.

Mobile Apps

Know if an asset is at a job site and how long it’s been there.

Maximize equipment usage.

Track vehicles, assets and equipment in one place.

How It Works

Nero Global Tracking keeps tabs on your movable assets through a simple beacon tagging system. Before deployment, low-energy Bluetooth tags will be placed on your movable assets. These small tags emit a low-frequency signal that allows your Nero Global GPS asset tracking system to keep tabs of your equipment, both on- and off-site.

Watch and learn how our system tracks every step of your assets journey!

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For 15 years, Nero Global has helped customers track and manage their movable assets more efficiently. Contact us today!