GPS Asset Tracking System For All Your Assets and Equipment

Large job sites are busy places — filled with the buzz of people and equipment getting the work done. All this activity, and movement to and from the site, also means it’s easy for equipment to get misplaced.

Which is why we created GPS Asset Tracking — to help you know where your equipment is at all times.

Movable Assets

Job sites are filled with a plethora of smaller movable assets that help businesses get their projects done (such as dehumidifiers, fans or power washers).

These movable assets are typically those that can fit in the back of a truck and are regularly brought on and off a job site throughout the duration of a project. Because of their mobile nature, these assets have historically been difficult for organizations to keep tabs on.

Why Tracking Matters

It’s common practice for most businesses to keep track of their big-ticket items, like vehicles and heavy equipment like bobcats. But very few have a formal process in place for keeping tabs on their smaller movable assets. As a result, items are often misplaced or lost without a trace.

Over time, the loss of these smaller items add up and often cost businesses big money when it comes time to replace them.

When emergency projects happen, like big post-flood restorations, it’s common for thousands of small movable assets to be deployed across multiple job sites. With insurance-capped pricing, it’s critical that restoration companies keep close tabs on the equipment to enable quick retrieval and redeployment in order to make a profit.

All Your Assets, Tracked

From dehumidifiers to air movers, Nero Global’s revolutionary GPS Asset Tracking System tracks it all, including your movable assets. Say goodbye to saying goodbye to your equipment and tools. Movable assets shows you where all your inventory is at all times.

How It Works

Nero Global Tracking keeps tabs on your movable assets through a simple beacon tagging system. Before deployment, low-energy Bluetooth tags will be placed on your movable assets. These small tags emit a low-frequency signal that allows your Nero Global GPS asset tracking system to keep tabs of your equipment, both on- and off-site.

Stop wasting your time and money on lost inventory. Request a demo today.